What We Believe About Money

Money Reveals Values

Have ever thought about what is most important to you?

All you have to do is look at your financial statements. These pages tell a story about your deepest values. Do you have a big mortgage, a couple of car payments, and credit card debt from that vacation you took last year? If you are honest, your deepest value may be  your image. Maybe its comfort. Maybe its both.

Those values aren't inherently wrong, but we are challenging individuals to make choices about their life's purpose, and manage their money in alignment with that. We believe that too many people operate out of a "it feels good now" mentality that ultimately leaves them burdened financially, without a plan to achieve their dreams

Man Considers His Purpose

Three Things Lead to Healthy Financial Management

Understanding Your Values

Your values are revealed every single month in your billing statements. When you look at your spending, does it reflect the legacy you want to leave?

Creating a Plan

You know what you care about, but how do you pursue that goal? You have to have a plan, or more specifically, a budget. You must set monthly, yearly, and long-term financial goals.

Expanding Your Knowledge

As you begin to get your financial life in order, it is helpful to continue learning and applying new knowledge to your personal finances. It's like optimizing your personal business.